10 Instagram accounts for cannabis enthousiasts

Instagram is a great place to connect, follow or inspire other cannabis enthousiasts. Lots of farms, growers or users are sharing their nugshots and experiences which makes it a great platform to learn from. Next to that it’s amazing to see the details and exotic nugs in some pictures. To help you on track, we have listed 10 accounts that you should follow of you love cannabis!

1. @Hydrostar.pro

This account shares amazingly detailed nugshots of their products. Take a look at their close ups of very exotic strains and enjoy what nature has to offer!

2. @indica.only

If you love rosin and want to see mouth watering pictures and videos of this extract, this is the account you should follow! This guy presses the craziest extracts in all kind of colours and shares the final products every day.


3. @curt_ice

This guy is a badass photographer with amazing close-up shots. The details in his pictures are magnificent. Most of his pictures are nugshots and trichome shots. This account is updatet regularly so there is always something nice to see!


4. @grow420grow

This account posts some of the most amazing nugshots on IG. All the shots are of high grade cannabis and the trichomes production on their nugs are outstanding! Something to keep an eye on if you love nugshots!



5. @dabbingmaniac323

If you like to follow smokers that are consuming massive amounts of cannabis/extracts, you can’t miss the dabbing maniac! This guy is one of the most hardcore dabbers i’ve seen and absolutely hilarious to follow!


6. @terpfeed

This account posts all kind of videos and photos of multipe extractions. From diamonds to sauce, this account covers everything and the quality of their posts only makes it better!


7. @doobieduck

This photographer is well known to shoot amazing cannabis pictures. He offers lots of nugshots, detailed close-ups and has a lot of variaty in his pictures. If you can’t get enough of his pictures, take a look at his website!


8.  @hellawaxy

This account offers all kind of different solventless extracts in small quantities. Get a nice view of different kinds of wax and how they react when you scratch them with a dabbing tool.


9. @eric.nugshots

This is a well known photographer who shares his greatest work. From extreme detailed trichome close-ups to beautifull nugshots and sometimes even some extracts. Eric offers all kind of stuff!


10. @bentleyrolling

Last but definitly not least, This account offers great cannabis content with special movie effects. Especially the hyperzoom videos (seen below) are magnificent and gives you a great look in to a nugshot!


Do you know another awesome instagram account about cannabis? Make sure to leave them in a comment below!

One thought on “10 Instagram accounts for cannabis enthousiasts

  • May 16, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    Should check out @_thevillage ! He offers awesome close-ups of trichomes and nugs!


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