5 amazing christmas music albums for stoners

The most beautifull time of the years is slowly coming closer and even while 2020 wasn’t the best year, we should still enjoy and celebrate the holidays like we always do.

To help you forget about all chaos and get in the right christmas spirit, we have selected a top 5 of christmas music albums that every pothead will appreciate:

#1 Christmas in the dogghouse – Various artists

If you like old-school hip-hop, you will like this album for your holidays! Snoop Dogg created this album together with many other artists and all song are about that magical time of the year. Because there are multiple artists on this album, every song will have a different style so nobody will be bored out!

#2 A Colt 45 christmas – Afroman

Every cannabis enthousiast should know Afroman from the famous song: Because I got high. Afroman is kown for his old-school beats and humoures lyrics. His songs are about the “ghetto life”, cannabis and partying. This particulair album contains parodies of original christmas songs packed in a funny and gangster way. If you look good beats, parodies and cannabis, you will love this album!

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#3 The reggae Christmas Collection – Various artists

You don’t have to use cannabis to appreciate some good reggae and be able to dance on some caribbean vibes. This album is full of great reggae in multiple styles, done by multiple artists. The songs are all about the magical Christmas story and is perfect to get in the christmas spirit.

#4 Christmas on Death Row – Various artists

Another great old-skool rap album featuring the greatest rappers from the 90’s. It’s a compilation of christmas songs that will get you in the rights spirit while feeling a boss at the same time. This album was originally made as a form of charity for a local community and had sold around 200.000 copies back in 1996.

#5 Natty Christmas – Jacob Miller

If you are familiar with Jacob Miller, you already know this is an album you can’t miss during the holidays! The happy vibes this reggae artis brings are perfect to enjoy with a big blunt under the christmas tree. So avoid the boring, annoying christmas songs we here every year and explore this album!


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