5 methods on how to make your own hash

A true cannabis enthousiast always appreciates some good hashish. However, getting some high quality stuff might be hard depending on where you live. Luckily it’s 2021 and you don’t have to rely on your plug anymore because making hash at home is easier then ever before. By using some tools that you can order on the internet almost everybody can produce some decent product.

What exactly is hashish?

Hash is a type of cannabis concentrate that is known for a long time (unlike other cannabis concentrates). If you have some experience with cannabis, you’ve probably seen and smoked hash before and already know what it is. But how is it made? How do they turn a cannabis plant into the soft brown/yellowish stuff that you put in your joint? Well hash is made out of the trichomes/resin that are found on  a cannabis plant.

After seperating these trichomes from the plant you will be left with a dusty like substance also known as “kief” (the stuff your grinder collects in the bottom part).  This kief is the raw material of hash. Turning this kief into hash requires a treatment with heat and pressure. This way the trichomes break down and melt together which affects the flavour, effect and consistency. After this process you will be left with: Hash!

So to make hash you simply need to heat and press the sperated trichomes together. However the method you choose to do this has a huge affect on the quality, taste and other characteristics of your hash. In this article we describe 5 different methods of hash production:

Finger hash/Charras

Probably the most easiest method to make your own hash: Finger hash, also known as charras, doesn’t take much effort to make. This method is often practiced when harvesting cannabis plants and simply happens when trichomes keeps sticking to your hands (as a grower you probably experienced this already). Every time you touch the plant, a new layer of trichomes keeps sticking to it. By rubbing your fingers (pressure) and using your body heat, these layes of trichomes will eventually turn into low quality hash.

Finger hash!
Photo by: @sirbongsworth

Be aware of the fact that you are not only turning pure trichomes into hash, there also will be impuritys of your hands, plant material, grease and sweat that end up in it. This is why finger-hash is considered “low quality”. However hand-made Nepalese charras/hash is seen as a delicacy and pretty expenisve in dispensaries and coffeeshops.

The filter-screen method

This method is also pretty easy as it’s just about filtering plant material through  a filter-screen. First of all, shred your cannabis/plant material into small pieces and make sure it’s quite dry. then place it on a big filter screen and wiggle it around to “filter” all the shredded cannabis. Due the movement of the screen and plant material, the trichomes will eventually fall of and go through the filter screen. This leaves you with a powdery substance (trichomes) which is called “keef”. Use some pressure and a little heat (pollen press) to turn this keef into hash.

How to turn keef into hash?

The size of the microns in the filter screen determines the quality of your hash: The bigger the holes, the more plant material will go through with the trichomes which results in a lower quality keef. If you filter through a screen with very thight holes, you’ll leave most of the plant material  and only let trichomes go through. This leaves you with higher quality keef and eventually higher quality hash. If you re looking for the right filter screen, take a look at this filter set! 

Tip: Use a black coloured plate to catch  the keef with after filtering. The keef is way more visible and easier to collect that way. 

The blender method

This method is completely based on the fact that trichomes sink in water (while plant material floats). To really make this method work you need a combination of ice, water and plant material and add it to your blender. The ice is added because a very cold temperature makes it easier for the trichomes to “fall off” your plant material. After you put this mixture into your blender and start blending you will remove the trichomes from the plant material due movement and collisions in the very cold water. Once you stop blending, these trichomes will eventually sink to the bottom of the blender-cup.

The mixture in your blender now will be poured through a filter screen in another jar. This way you filter out the plant material while the tiny trichomes go through. After that, you will have to wait for 30 minutes until every trichome has sunk to the bottom. Now carefully pour out +2/3 of ONLY the water without moving the trichomes on the bottom (they need to stay in). The last (1/3) part of the water containing the trichomes will be poured through a coffee filter leaving the kief (trichomes) in the coffeefilter.

Mechanical Drum method

Another very easy method is using a device called a Mechanical Drum filter. It’s essentially the same as the Filter-screen method, however this device automates the process. It’s a cilinder that is made of filter screen and installed in a box.  This cilinder has to be filled with plant material and because of the size you’re able to put in quite a lot. Once you turn on the device this cilinder will starts spinning/rolling and moves the cannabis inside around. This way the trichomes fall of and get filtered through the filter screen, eventually falling on the bottom of the box. After a few hours of spinning the only thinig you have to do is collect your keef and turn it into hash.

Bubble Hash method

The bubble has method is considered to be one of the best ways and offers the highest quality hash. When making bubble hash, you are actually combining all of the methods above all together. To make bubble hash you need a series of “mesh bags”, 2 buckets and icewater (water filled with ice cubes). Start filling the bucket with cannabis, ice and cold water and stir it with a stick for about 15 minutes.

Now get your mesh bags and install them into the other bucket. Make sure to get the bag with the tiniest holes (25μm) first and put it in the bucket like you  do when replacing the trash bag in your bin (fold the sides over the edge of bucket). Repeat the same process with the others bags in ascending order, so inside each other. This way the filtration proces improves by every bag it goes through. After you installed the bags, it’s time to pour your ice/water/cannabis-mix into the bags and let the filters do their work (30 minutes).

After that, you are able to collect the bags one by one starting with the inner/upper one which mainly contains plant material, put the first one aside. Now repeat this with every bag and you will see different grades of hash forming on the bottom of each bag. The quality improves as the bags gets smaller and more plant-material will be filtered out. The last bag will contain the highest quality hash you could make at home.

Next to hash there are multiple other concentrates and extracts made from cannabis. Check our articles and pages about this subject!

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