About us

Grow that weed is the website to stay up-to-date on cannabis news and connect you with fellow growers all over the world. We want to give you the ability to share, learn and help your own growing project succeed!

Why did I made this website?

As a young kid I loved to grow my own cannabis and share my product with my friends. But I learned the hard way how difficult it is to grow high grade cannabis. It’ll cost a lot of money and time to learn every aspect of a good grow and back in the days there wasn’t as much information on the world wide web as there is today.

I remember I always wished for a kind of mentor who could teach me about diseases, nutrients, lightning and the plants anatomy. To make the process of learning how to grow cannabis easier, I thought of making a website/blog with growing techniques, news, guides and a forum/way of social interaction to let people learn from each other.

So first we started with our  Instagram account and quickly we noticed many people with questions and problems about growing. This was when we know: We have to share this information on a website that is accessible for everybody!                

There are many different cannabis strains and ways to grow cannabis so eventually everybody will find their own favourite techniques. But connecting with other people and sharing experiences will make it a lot easier to learn growing cannabis for beginners. 

What can you expect from us

Like told above, the main reason this website exists is to learn and improve your gowing skills. This can be done in multiple ways. Think about a forum, tutorials, news or interaction with other growers. We  To begin with, we start with a blog and tutorials. Pretty soon, we are planning to make videos and a fully working forum so you can share your grow reports, techniques and skills for other growers to benefit from (Or just showing of your massive, frosty buds!)

For questions or more information, please contact me!