Animals in Nevada can soon be treated with CBD products

Thanks to a new law, Nevada veterinarians are soon able to treat their furry patients with medicinal CBD products. The law will become effective in October and under this law, licensed veterinarians are allowed to recommend and stock hemp/cannabidiol products containing less then 0.3% THC. (American Veterinary Medical Association.) The bill came quickly after the FDA objects dietary supplement.

Animal CBD products are already sold through the USA. Sadly vetsĀ  are not allowed to administer the products as these are not approved for use on animals by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Back in 2015 there was a similar bill which never made it. The legislation would’ve made it possible for animals to get Medical cannabis cards.

Research claims that CBD might be a great substance to treat epilepsy in dogs, which is also the case for human beings. However until October, the FDA only allowed doctors the prescribe CBD to treat humans.

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