Best cannabis strains used to treat insomnia

The busy world we live in makes it hard for many people to get some proper sleep. This will lead to disorders like insomnia which could have a big influence on your life. There are quite some medicines on the market for these issues, however these often have nasty side-effects and could make you addicted. Luckily there is cannabis!

Like many other medicinal properties that cannabis offers, insomnia is another health issue that cannabis could solve. However that depends on which strain and cannabinoids it contains because not all cannabis is helpfull when it comes to insomnia. The effect that is caused by the combination of hundreds of cannabinoids is very imporant when it comes to help you sleep as some of them are energetic and others make you tired. To help you finding the right strain, we’ve written down some tips:

  • Choose a THC-strain instead of a CBD-strain. Dominant thc strains will cause the most reliable effcts when it comes to a good night rest but be aware: Not everyone gets the desired effects from thc. Side-effects like anxiety can show up, in that case try a lower thc strain.
  • Be carefull with high THC-strains/strong sativa’s. A bit of thc can get you asleep but higher doses increase the chance of overthinking and anxiety which makes you mare awake then sleepy.
  • Eat edibles to stay longer asleep. Digesting a product that contains cannabis will go very slow, so they effects they cause will also be spread over that time. This results in a longer lasting effect making it better to sleep for a longer time.
  • Look for indica strains. Indica strains are known to have a certain combination of cannabinoid levels thats is perfect for relaxation/sleeping. sativa strains on the other hand are often more energetic and better be used in daytime.

Finding a good strain doesn’t depend on the levels of cannabinoids only. The smell, taste and look are also other aspects that makes someone like a strain or not. In this article we’ve listed a few strains with multiple varieties that are all very good to treat insomnia with!

Kosher Kush (aka Jew Gold)

Kosher kush is  apretty familiar strain and very populair due its rich taste and strong effects. Many people consider this strain as one of the most tasty they have smoked. this strain has won multiple big prices as “Best strain” and “best indica”.

People describe it’s effects mostly as very relaxed and sleepy, while it’s also a great pain reliver. The combination of the great taste and perfect cannabinoid levels for sleep, makes it why we have put it on #1 of this list.

Granddaddy purple

Granddaddy purple is an amazing indica strain that is the result of a crossing between “Purple Urkle” and “Big Bud”. This strain got introduced back in 2003 by “Ken Estes” and is known for it’s purple colour and unique grape/berry aroma that it got from it’s “purple urkle” genetics. The big yields it gives is another characteristic of “GDP” and could be traced back the it’s “big bud” genetics.

The effects of Granddaddy purple are very good if you are dealing with insomnia and will be felt in both mind and body. Smoking it will result in a euphoric mind and physical relaxation that will lead to something we call a “couch-lock”. This means that you will hang out, feeling numb, at the same spot during the effects. In this state, it’s only a matter of time that your thoughts will take you away to dreamland!

Tahoe OG Kush

This strain is a gift from god when it comes to people that are battling with insomnia. Tahoe OG kush is known for it’s very strong effects that also act quickly after smoking. So don’t smoke this one if you still have lots of things to do! The effect is very calming, gives you a heavy body and makes you lazy after smoking it, thats why it’s generaly known as a nightime strain!

Small bud of “Tahoe OG”

Tahoe OG Kush is an OG kush fenotype and the daughter of hybrid OG Kush & San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush (Indica). Due the high quality breeding, this strain offers the best indica qualities with a touch of sativa euphoria. These qualities combined with a nice lemon/earthy taste makes this a very good candidate for insomnia patients!


Blueberry is a pretty known, old-school strain (dating back to the 70’s) that gained some populairity again in the last few years. When it comes to taste, the extremely sweet flavour makes it a favourite for many people but it’s the effect that makes this strain even more amazing (especially for insomnia patients). The Indica characteristics really come forward in this strain making it perfect for relaxation, sleeping and staying at home all day.

Cannabis conaisseurs appreciate blueberry for it’s amazing taste and odor. Blueberry is being crossed with many other strains these days resulting in: Blue Cheese, Blue Dream, Blue Haze and White Berry. Most of these crossings contains lot’s of blueberry genetics meaning that most of them are also suitable for insomnia treatment (Just make sure the other parent-strain hasn’t got much sativa genetics in it).

Gods Gift

Another great strain that will help you fall asleep is called: God’s gift. This strain is the result of a crossing between 2 other strains that can be found on this list: Grandaddy purple X OG Kush. The taste is quite strong and is quite similair is Granddaddy purple but with a touch of lemon/citrus in it. God’s gift gained it’s populairity back in california in 2005 when it took over the first medical dispensaries.

The effect of God’s Gift is very strong and clearly influence by it’s dominant indica genetics. It hits hard and will give you a extremely relaxed, tired and lazy feeling. Perfect strain to smoke in the evening when preparing for the night. The combination of it’s cannabinoids and high thc-levels (18-22%) will put you gently in sleep without too much buzz in your head.

Do you know more strains that could help people with insomnia? Leave them in the comments below and we may review them!

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