Personal Cannabis Health Plan

Due the many different products (Like edibles, oil’s, tinctures, creme’s, pills and more) and the fact that every cannabinoid has it’s own medicinal benefits, it’s sometimes hard to find a suitable right medicinal product to improve your health.

Next to that, not everybody likes to get intoxicated or want to smoke cannabis so it’s important to find the right product for the right person. This can be quite complicated sometimes.

Thats why we will help you! 

What is a personal cannabis health plan?

With our personal cannabis health plan, your medical problems will be researched, documented and you will receive a professional recommendation + plan to help you start experiencing the medicinal effects of cannabis. Cannabis could help with more medical issues than you think, so don’t hesitate and find out what it could mean to you!

A personal cannabis health plan will help you to succeed and find a cannabis-treatment that is suitable for you and your circumstances!

How does it work?