Edibles are coming to Canada very soon!

Last year was a big year for cannabis consumers in Canada. The legalization, dispensaries and new laws were something most people need to get used too but after one year it found it’s place. Now it’s time for a new chapter of this story: Edible products!¬†

This week will be the start of the sale of edibles in Canada. These cannabis infused products (containing CBD or THC) come in many different forms like: Cakes, Cookies, chocolate, multiple drinks (even beers) and other types of food. Vaping liquids containing CBD or THC are also seen as Edibles.

“The biggest advantage of someone to consume edibles is that they can benefit from the effect of THC/CBD, without smoking anything.”

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These Edibles will not immediately be available all over Canada, provinces like Alberta, Quebec and Ontario will be offering them +- in mid January. Thats because they have to set-up their own distribution centers. Another province called “Quebec” is having some more strict rules then other cities meaning they can’t sell all types of infused candy and chocolate, only specific ones will be available there. In most provinces, the edibles will be available last weeks of this year.

The legalization in Canada didn’t go all as planned because some rules were interfering with each other. James Berkow (Reporter with the Globe and Mail’s Cannabis Professional service) gives a great example about this issue. He stated that a cancer patient¬† that had a prescription for 400MG of THC as a daily dose, could get capsules of 100MG each (four capsules a day) with previous laws. However the new rules say that the maximum amount of THC in any substance (like capsules) is 10MG. This would mean that the same patient now has to consume 40 pills every day. So there are still things to work on!

Edibles showed that they are quite populair in U.S Dispensaries, however an survey earlier this year showed that there is actually a decline in the popularity of edibles. Why? Well, in 2017 they did the same survey and it showed that 46% of questioned people were interested in buying legal edibles. The last survey (In 2019), the percentage went down to 36%.

How do you think the edibles hype will continue? Leave a comment below! 

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