Germany soon to legalize cannabis!

The new government coalition of Germany will soon introduce a legislation in order to legalize recreative cannabis. Confirmed by local media sources, this is great news for the first European country heading this way! 

At the moment, not many details are announced yet but it certain that the legislation bill will be accepted and legalization soon will follow. According to Die Funke Mediengruppe (A German news platform), the negotiators of the coalition that will soon be formed already agreed on a bill that would make cannabis legal.  The coalition will be formed between the SDP (Social democratic party), The Greens and the FDP (Free democratic party) and one spokesperon said to Die Funke Mediengruppe:

“We’re introducing the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption in licensed stores. This will control the quality, prevent the transfer of contaminated substances and guarantee the protection of minors. We will evaluate the law after four years for social impact.”

This came right after an earlier report from Bloomberg pointing to a deal like this.

Nothing is certain yet!

However, not many details about the legislation are yet known which causes uncertainty for consumers and the industry. The first question that rises, and nobody has an answer for is: When will it happen? As the coalition may agree on this subject, nobody know when this new bill will become active. This makes it hard for the industry to anticipate on what and when they are able to step in to the German cannabis industry.

Next to that, the pro-cannabis coalition only rule the Bundestag. In order to make this happen they will need the approval from another house of the German government called Die Bundesrat. This house represents the voice of the 16 German states. Changes to the German Narcotic Act needs approval from both of these houses. It already happened multiple times that legalization was blocked there (like in 2016).  At this moment, Die Bundesrat is mostly controlled by conservative voices that probably will decline the legalization. However the pro cannabis side hopes that this will change due the influence of the CDU party decreasing in most states.

Other European countries are slowly following the example of Germany. In 2022, The Swiss are launching it’s first adult-use cannabis trails. Also the Netherlands (where cannabis is semi-legal) will experimenting by allowing 10 cities to set up complete cannabis supply chains (from growing to selling). This makes legal cannabis accessible to 10% of the Dutch population.

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We will keep following the developments in Germany to keep you up-to-date! 

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