Gorilla Glue, a special strain (review and it’s variations explained)

The famous Gorilla Glue strain has taken over the cannabis industry in the last few years. So you probably have heard a lot about the Gorilla Glue strain and thats not without a reason! The strain became very populair after winning multiple awards and people discoverd it’s potency and very strong taste/aroma’s pretty quick after that. But there is more about this strain: 

Gorilla Glue is a cross between Sour Dubb X Chem sis X Chocolate diesel and is being created by the “GGstrains” growers backin the summer of 2016. Gorilla Glue was their biggest succes and thats why they have also created some variations on which we will talk alter about. Also, GorillaGlue is a hybrid strain and Indica Dominant. (63% Indica-37% Sativa) The combination of it’s parent strains created a very strong but pleasent flavor that hits very hard!

The parent strains are very recognizable in the Gorilla Glue strain itself and when smoking it you’ll definitly know where it’s smell and taste is coming form. The Chocolate diesel leaves a scent of coffee in its flavor but also the Sour genetics will have quite some effect in the flavor/smell. You really taste the sour genetics which leaves a long lasting earthy taste in your mouth after smoking. This combination creates a very populair flavor for cannabis enthousiasts!

Not only it’s flavour is unique and populair, but next to that the potency is amazing! Gorilla Glue is a heavy hitter that will have a deep and long lasting effect. Thats because THC levels of GG are very high! Measering around 28-29% its a very potent strain compared to others. the high THC levels and very good long-lasting taste makes it very populair for recreational users.

When smoking, just after a few hits you start to feel the effects. Your head starts to relax and you feel small amounts of euphoria going through your body. Even if the buds look a bit dark-green, they are very frosty and cause you to melt into your couch after you smoked a little more. The GG’s cannabinoids definitly calm your whole body down and beginner users shoud take it easy when smoking this strain!

Next to recreational use, Gorilla Glue is very good strain for medical cannabis users. Because of it’s high levels of certain cannabinoids. It’s heavy hitting effects are widely known and people use it for all kind of medical treatments. Not only mental patients suffering from Insomnia, Depression and Anxiety are depending on this strain, but the strong effects of Gorilla Glue will also put your whole body in a numbing high that will help people with different kind of chronic pains. (very effective for chronic pains)

Variations of Gorilla Glue

After the succes of the Original Gorilla Glue, the Growers at GGstrains couldn’t resist to create variations and with succes! The names of these variations often lead to confused smokers and actually needs some explaining. Simply because they are al called Gorilla Glue but only numbered in a different, confusing way.

There is GG#4 GG#1 and GG#5 and they are all slightly different.

The different strains are well known under these numbers but a while ago, GGstrains had put an important announcement on their website saying that all Gorilla Glue variations will get a different name! This is because the company called Gorilla Glue (Maker of tape and glue) complained about GGstrains using the Gorilla Glue name. After some discussions between both companies, they reached an agreement about the names:

Gorilla Glue #4 became “Original Glue”
Gorilla Glue #5 became “New Glue”
Gorilla Glue #1 Became “Sister Glue”

Even the fact that GGstrains announced the name changes, there is a big chance that in the cannabis community they will keep using the orgininal names. However: After reading this article you will always know what they are talking about, regardless off what name being used.

Difference between strains:

Let’s begin with Gorilla Glue #4. (Original Glue) This is the original and first created Gorilla Glue strain. After winning multiple awards and gaining lot’s of populairity the GG#4 is being found in coffeeshops and dispensaries all over the world. It’s high THC levels (around 28%) and the unique smell/taste surely helped with the strains succes. Like told before: The strain’s parents are Sour Dubb- Chem sis- Chocolate diesel and characteristics of these are all found back in the GG#4.

Next to that: Gorille Glue #1 (Sister Glue) is also a cross between Sour Dubb X Chem sis X Chocolate diesel. The big difference is the ratio of presence of the genetics when crossing these plants. Genetically the GG#1 is a bit different then GG#4 because it has more genes from certain parents then the other. This lead to small differences in taste or smell. The GG#1 has more of a pine aroma in it and the overall taste is a stronger. (stays longer in mouth) Also the indica/sativa ratio is different (58% indica 42% sativa) and it measures a little lower on THC 25-28% which causes a slightly different effect. Some say it’s an improved version of the GG#4.

Unlike the others, Gorilla Glue #5 (New Glue) doesn’t have the same parents (Sour Dubb X Chem sis X Chocolate diesel ). Yet, it has the same genetics simply because it’s a cross between GG#4 and GG#1. Even it has the other GG’s as parents and the same kind of genetics, the ratios between parents genetics and sativa/indica makes it a whole different strain. The GG#5 is very indica dominant (79% Indica 21% Sativa) and has a very different taste/smell as it carries a strong diesel flavor/odor. Experts says GG#5 is pretty rare and it’s potency is way higher then it’s parents (GG#4 GG#1) So definitly worth to try out!

All original variations of the gorilla glue strain are crossed with many other strains around the world. So big chance you found some new crosses of the Gorilla glue in your local coffeeshop/dispensary. (often named with the word Glue…..) The ones I refer to above are the original and first created by GGstrains.

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