Growing for beginners

Growing good cannabis isn’t easy and require lots of experience, knowledge and training. As a beginner, the whole growing process and all the information that comes with it might seems very overwhelming. However it shouldn’t scare you off because of that as you can learn everything step-by-step.

A very important factor of the learning process is experience. Thats why we recommend to learn the basics of a grow and just start growing! In the following months you will bump into lot’s of troubles and you might get frustated but you gotta remember: That’s all part of the learning process! All these problems can be solved by using the information on our (and other) website(s).

Next to that you gotta know that nobody grows high quality cannabis their first time, lot’s of people won’t even come to the point of harvesting.

So don’t worry if things go wrong in the beginning! 

If you are a beginner and want to start growing, you need to have some basic knowledge about how to arrange and set-up your grow. Think about things like:

  • Indoor/outdoor and the location of your grow
  • What does a cannabis plant need? (Water, light, fresh air temperature and so on)
  • What kind of lightning (Find out!)
  • What kind of grow medium (soil, hydro, coco substrate and so on)
  • Which nutrients to use
  • Safety and properly installed electricity
  • Which strain to grow
  • Recognizing diseases, pests and deficiencies (Check out our “ultimate pest guide”)
  • Harvesting and drying

To give you a better view in all these basics we have written many articles and guides about these subjects. However for fresh beginners we’d recommend to start with this one:

Start growing cannabis in 10 basic steps

This article provides all basic info you need to know to set-up your grow. This is a must-read before you even thinking about buying seeds/clones. However don’t think you’ll be professional grower with only this information, it’s just to push you in the right direction!

Once you have researched all the basics and started your grow, it’s a matter of time before the first problems will arrive. These are often caused by things like: The wrong temperature/humidity, a nutrient deficieny or wrong lightning. However some problems are more complicated to find a solution for. Thats why we dig deeply into every aspect and problem there is regarding cannabis cultivation.

Use our search bar or “”how to grow” menu to specifiy and find the solution for the problem your dealing with. Next to that you could share your problem in our facebook group so other growers are able to help you.

Other interesting articles for beginners:

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