Guide- How to build your own (small) growroom

If you are interested to start your first grow, or want to try out indoor growing after being outside for a while, it might be quite expensive to buy a fully equiped growing tent. Next to that, it’s often impossible to use an entire room of your house just for your grow. If you are in that situation, it might be a great idea to build your own (small) growroom with easy-to-get materials.

As it might takes a little work, building your own growroom/growbox has great benefits compared to pre-build boxes and tents. The most important factor is the size. You are fully in control of the size of your room depending on how many plants you would like or the amount of lightning you want to use. Next to that, you are able to fight the smell better by using the right building materials.

So you are in a creative mood and want to build your own growroom?

Download our step-by-step guide to find out how!