Is mexico legalizing cannabis (and all other drugs) soon?

Mexico, A country with a huge narcotic history and strict drug policies might be changing their view on drug laws. Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a plan that would de-criminialize all drugs that are illegal right now.

In the national development plant for 2019-2024 that his administration has released, Obrador said that the current situation (prohibitionist strategy) is unsustainable and should change.

The main reason for this is that the public health problems have increased massively because of the intense “War on drugs” in Mexico. According to this development plan, the impact on public healt is being caused by substances that are currently strict forbidden. This makes it hard for people to get treated for addiction or being supervised by experts. Eventually this will leave the country in a true crisis.

“Changing prison time into supervision and detox treatments”

One part of the plan is to arrange some alternatives for current laws about drug abuse. The first step is to take distance of the claim that forbidding addictive substances, actually works fighting these addictions. Other things Obrador wants to offer are personal detox treatments, medical supervision and regulated prescription doses to help people suffering from addiction.

Obrador’s policy statement says: “The only real possibility of reducing the levels of drug consumption is to lift the ban on those that are currently illegal,”. This confirms that by legalizing these substances combined the right treatments is way more effective to fight these problems.

Colleagues from the United States are happy to see that the Mexican gouvernment is trying a different and more effective approach to fight this problem. Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance said:

“Mexico’s president is rightly identifying one of the major drivers of violence and corruption in his country: the prohibition of drugs,” and “The next step is to translate words into action, by pursuing both a domestic and international agenda of drug policy reform, grounded in respect for human rights.” A strong but good advice!

But what about cannabis?

Next to these big developments in mexico’s policy, there are some other things going on regarding cannabis. Last year, Mexico’s supreme court declared cannabis prohibition unconstitutional. This means that Obrador is being forced to workt together with Mexican lawmakers to create legislation to regulate and eventually legizaling it.

Last november, Sen. Olga Sanchez Cordero introduced a bill to legalize cannabis and it’s commercial sale. But till today nothing has changed about the laws as the bill is still going through the legislative process. To be clear: it’s just a matter of them that legalization of this wonderfull plant will take over Mexico.

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