Hong Kong citizens are taking advantage of postal services and Canadian laws.

China and it’s city state Hong Kong is not a well known place for it’s cannabis as it is highly illegal over there. The fact that people go to jail for it makes it more risky to grow which means that it’s very hard to find good quality stuff. However, thanks to worldwide shipping companies, it’s possible to obtain some cannabis from the other side of the world. More and more people in China are working this way and they seem to be succesfull. According to authorities, the amount of weed coming to china this way is increasing quickly. Especially from Canada!

17 october 2018 was a historical day for canadian cannabis enthousiasts. The legalization spread across the country and people were able to buy high quality products very easily. Now it’s becoming more clear that not only canadians are taking advantage off these laws. Thanks to shipping companies like DHL and UPS it’s quite easy to ship these products all across the world.

In Hong Kong it’s hard to find good cannabis. But if you know some people in Canada it’s possible for them to send you some sweet goods from the great white north! And there is a big chance it actually arrives with no problems, at least thats what the latest numbers are saying. According to the local customs, only 10% of illegal cannabis products are found (in packages). Next to the fact that Hong Kong has 7.000.000 inhabitants, it’s not rocket science to know that a lot of stuff is entering this area.

Record amount of cannabis

The Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong announced that the last 5 months, at least 92 kilo’s of marijuana were found in small packages that were shipped to the city state. Knowing that this number is more then customs had intercepted in last 3 years, we can all agree that this is a big increase.

Only the first 2 months of 2019, 72 kilo already has been intercepted by customs. We can see that the numbers are growing quicker every month. According to authorities, this “problem” is mainly being caused by Canadian cannabis laws. Lots of packages are coming from Canada and they can also see a big increase of interceptions since the legalization over there.

All kind of products

This shipping process is not unknown and even the local media talks about it: Newsplatform Asia Times announced that one of their reporters was in contact with a dealer that claimed he was selling Canadian cannabis products. He was offering 5 grams of “strawberry tasting” cannabis for 900 Hong Kong dollars (+-115 USD) which has to be picked up in the Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui district. Profitable business knowing that you are able to buy it in canada for 5-10$ a gram!

According to the local media it’s not only buds you can buy in their area. Edibles like cookies, cake’s and candies are also available just like oils and extracts.

One online dispensary in the US state Vermont was accused of reacting positively on the shipping of cannabis products to Hong Kong. However thats their own choice and not illegal, as long as they won’t ship it themselves. The international laws are very different and shipping cannabis legaly is only possible in a few countries.

China and some other asian countries are well known for their very heavy penalties on drug charges. A great example was the son of hollywood-actor Jackie-Chan who is busted with 50 grams of cannabis in Hong Kong. There was a big drama in the country and what made it ironically was that Jackie-Chan himself was a Anti-drug ambassador. His son Jaycee Chan and a friend were accused of possession and had to go to prison for 6 months.

It’s clear that the Chinese authorities are not a big fan of these developments. A spokesman of the Hong Kong customs declared that they are working hard on this problem and they are going to be informed about this way of smuggling by oversea parties.

In Hong Kong they are going a step further. Local customs promised that they are going to increase the manpower of researches. Next to that they will start to use sniffing dogs and “high-tech equipment” to control passengers, their luggage, postal packages and trucks that are entering this city state of China.

Hong Kong police announced that in 2018 only, 264 smuggling related cases and 312 people were made. These numbers are the highest in 5 years which confirms the increase of cannabis products in the area.

How will this end? Who will win this battle?

We will inform you if there are new developments!


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