Sensi Seeds launched 8 brand new strains and they are AMAZING!


Last year was a very rough year for all of us. The coronavirus caused a worldwide shutdown and affected every aspect of our lives. Times like these requires a strong mindset and lots of positivity (something cannabis ould help with).

To help ending our year in a positive way, Sensie Seeds have taken care of us and launched 8 brand new and unique strains. The variety in taste, genetics and strength makes it interesting for every type of grower:

  • Mandarin Punch Feminized (Maple Leaf Indica x White Widow x NYC Diesel x California Indica)
  • Banana Kush Cake Automatic (Banana Kush x Wedding Cheesecake)
  • Banana kush cake Feminized (Banana Kush x Wedding Cheesecake x Hindu Kush Auto)
  • Double Kush Cake Feminized (Skunk Kush x Afghani#1 x Hindu Kush)
  • Purple Skunk Automatic (Skunk #1 x Shiva Skunk x Hindu Kush Auto)
  • OG Kush Automatic (Genetics include: Lemon Thai x Chemdawg x Pakistani Kush x unkown ruderalis)
  • Sensi Amnesia Feminized (Genetics includes: Hawaiian Indica x Jamaican Pearl x Afghani #1)

Want to take a better look at these delicious treats? Check them out below!

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