The safety issues of a cannabis home grow

Growing your own cannabis is something every enthousiast would like to do, if it’s not your passion it’s the money you’ll save by growing your own stuff. But creating a good environment and grow cannabis safely is not easy. Lots of people that are growing at home will face multiple issues that can ruin your project or even worse: Put you in danger!

Think about the many fires and water leaks that are caused by amaturistic growers. Not only putting them and their neighbours in danger but also facing prosecution for breaking the law. Our advice is to never ever start growing before researching all the safety issues. To help you we made a small list of examples you need to think about in your grow.

Electricity/Fire danger

It’s well known that when you work with electricity you always have to work with the right regulations. A growroom will use a lot of electricity and HPS lights will be using a high Wattage. Most of these fires start because of cheap devices or bad installation of the cables or transformators. Make sure you only work with US/EU approved electric devices. (lights, fans, air pump, watering system devices, cables) The installation has to be done profesionally. Find your self an approved electrician or company that will do the installing. If no one can know about the grow, and you haven’t got some electrician that would like to work with you then ask yourself the question if it’s a good idea to start growing. Safety first!

Another thing that growers often do and causes fire is tapping off electricity illegal. We highly recommand to NOT tap electricity illegaly! Not only because you are stealing and breaking the law but it also causes a fire hazard or you simply get electrocted.

Next to preventing a fire in your growroom, it’s important to have some emergencie devices that you’ll need if it’s to late and the fire already began. Think about smoke detectors, temperature alarms, water sprinklers, fire extinguishers. These devices often come with app’s so you’ll get a notice when something is wrong.



Water problems

To avoid water problems you have to think about what could go wrong while you are building the room. Think about which way you want to water the plants. If you have a bigger room with lots of plants, you won’t reach all of them so you have to be creative on how to water them. Often growers will use a tide method by simply flooding the bottom area of their growroom, this way the water reach all plants and hydrate the soil from under. This also takes huge risks because if their is a leak in your flooding area, you whole house/operation can be flooded and ruined.(it takes a lot of litres to fill, so think about what it could do with your house and electricity once there is a leak) So when choosing for this method make sure to build it in a professional way and test it!

Also using a dripping system requires some testing and controlling before flowing water trough it. In a drip-system there are a lot of connections between parts and tubes. Sometimes these connections starts to leak after a while and this can cause water damage to your house. Always keep checking your tubes and connections points in a drip system!

Next to that you will need a container to save up some nutrients filled water. Especially with a drip system this is really required. Make sure the container is stable installed and away from electrical parts of your growing room (Very important).

Heat emission

Another big problem for growers (in area’s where growing is illegal) is the heat emission your growroom produces. (specially the lights) Most growers get caught because authorities spot their projects because of the heat emission. They use helicopters, special camera’s and other gadgets to find out who is growing in a certain area. There are a few ways to prevent getting caught this way:

Using LED lightning- First LED lights weren’t powerfull enough to grow cannabis with. Luckely they evolved pretty quickly and are now powerfull enough to mimic HPS lightning. LED’s wont ever produce much heat so by using them u take away your biggest heat source in the growroom wich makes a lot of difference. But remember: cannabis plants require a certain temperature wich is pretty high compared to some outdoor temperatures.

Growing in your cellar- Lots of people that are growing home will do it in their attic. Because its like a hidden space were nobdoy else but you will ever come without guests asking questions. But the attic is the place that would be checked first by infra-red camera’s and helicopters. In that way it’s a dangerous place! By moving the grow to the cellar you take away some risks because your roof wont leak heat and so the won’t won’t get detected by helicopters. Just watch out: concrete holds a lot of heat. So if you have a concrete floor in the cellar, make sure you build a second floor a little higher for your growroom/tent. (with other material)


If your are growing a in region where cannabis is illegal, there is always a chance of getting caught. But you can minimalize this chance by paying attention on certains aspects of your grow. One of them is the smell, the distinctive smell of cannabis often leads to growrooms getting raided. Sometimes you are able to avoid this pretty easy.

-Carbon filter
The first thing you definitly need is a carbon filter. This filter will be installed on the air exit of your tent or room. This exit will blow the “old” air out of your growroom and has the most danger of disposing a cannabis odor out of your house. Carbon takes ”smell-particles’out of the air and helps to disguise the smell very good.

– Smell-proofing your room
Another thing you need to look at is the room you grow your cannabis in (Or the room you put your tent in). Start by researching the walls, Are they thick enough? No cracks? well isolated? This will avoid the smell going through the walls to your neighbours.

If your use a whole room as growing area, you should create somekind of air-bubble in the room by using plastic foil and seal the wall of the room. The hard part is air-sealing the door, but you could also use plastic to seal it and create some kind of flap on the opening side of your door. You can test your air bubble by opening the door and turn on the air circulation. If the door closes by itself because it got sucked to the door-opening, your are doing good!

When using a tent, the carbon filter probably is enough to keep the smell in. Good growing tents are made of air-closed material and are like an air bubble themself. We’d recommend to put them in a room thats not directly next to your neighbours. Also make sure to not install it close by a window. This will be seen from the street or the always closed curtains may draw attention. Opening a small window or get stream of fresh air in the room is highly recommended.

Growing cannabis isn’t easy and can be dangerous if you are doing things wrong. Especially self-constructed homegrowns often lead to problems. Safety should be your first priority. I hope you’ll learned something from our tips and put them into practice! Grow safely!

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