Top 5 autoflower strains for the summer of 2020

As the days slowly become hotter and longer, it’s getting time to plan your new outdoor autoflower grows for the upcoming summer. What many people like about autoflowers is the fact that they can have multiple outdoor yields in 1 year and they are small, so easy to manage and hide for unwanted visitors.

What exactly is an autoflower strain? 

Because autoflowers are becoming more populair by the day, we have listed up our top 5 favourite autoflowers strains to grow in the summer of 2020:

#1 Auto Critical Orange Punch 

(By Dutch Passion)

  • Seed company: Dutch passion
  • Genetics: Ruderalis/Indica/sativa
  • Parents: Grandaddy purps X Orange bud X XXL Auto Kritical Bilbo
  • Growing time: 75 days from seed to harvest
  • THC levels: High
  • Height: 70-110 CM
  • Yields: High


Auto critical orange punch is a pretty new strain that was launched last year. It’s the first autoflower by “dutch passion” that contains critical genetics. The foundation of it’s genetics are Grandaddy purps X Orange Bud which created the original Critical orange punch strain. Later on, they crossed it with an “elite” strain called: XXL Auto Kritical Bilbo to turn it into an autoflower. The result is an auto critical orange punch.

Auto critical orange punch is known to deliver big yields in +- 75 days and needs around +-16-18 hours of light a day. COP is a very strong variety and produces bright white resin all over it’s buds. The taste is combo of a strong citrus arome mixed with good Afghan hasj. The powerfull effect is loved by many cannabis consumers.

#2 Sticky Beast Automatic

(By Zamnesia seeds)

  • Seed company: Zamnesia
  • Genetics: 60% indica-10% satvia- 30% ruderalis
  • Parents: Bubblegum X OG Kush X Critical Auto
  • Growing time: 65-70 days from seed to harvest
  • THC levels: +- 18%
  • Height: Up to 1 meter
  • Yields: Avarage

This autoflower is a result of the best genetics and experts working together. It’s origin comes from 3 very populair strains: Bubblegum X OG Kush X Critical Auto.

Sticky beast automatic is a pretty special kind of autoflower and the result of professional breeding process. Next to the best genetics, sticky beast is known as a strain with an absolutely amazing taste and recommended for beginners as it’s a strong variety that is easy to grow.

The sweet strong taste comes from it’s Bubblegem genetics. If you Know Bubblegum, you will recognize it. The Og-Kush gives this strain it’s strong and long-lasting effect. Thanks to the Auto Critical, it has turned in a small but strong autoflower. Her genetics (60% indica, 10% sativa, 30% ruderalis) makes it a perfect smoke to relax or fall asleep.

Like mentioned before, The Sticky beats strain is quite easy to grow. It will grow up to 100 CM’s and could deliver pretty big yields for it’s size. Once she starts to flower, you can harvest her in 5-7 weeks. The complete cyle from seed to harvest will take up to 65-70 days. 

#3 Green Gelato Automatic

(By Royal Queen Seeds)

  • Seed company: Royal Queen Seeds
  • Genetics: 55% Sativa- 40% Indica- 5% ruderalis
  • Parents: Green gelato X Cookies auto
  • Growing time: 65-70 days from seed to harvest
  • THC levels: +- 24%
  • Height: 70-120 CM
  • Yields: Avarage

The Green Gelato automatic is an autoflower version of a famous and legendary strain. The parents of the original strain (Green gelato) are: Thin mint cookies X Sunset sherbert which results one of the most aromatic strains and offers extreme THC levels.

The guys from Royal Queen seeds decided it was time to turn the orignal gelato genetics into a strain that is more suitable for beginners. Thats why they infused this original strain with some ruderalis genetics turning it into an autoflower.

The effect of Green Gelato automatic shouldn’t be underestimated. Most autoflower produce lower levels of THC then their Photoperiod versions. However Green gelato is an exception to this: They are able to produce up to 24% THC making it one of the most potent autoflowering strains. These characteristics makes her a perfect smoke for social encounters/parties or doing something creative.

Green gelato automatic is pretty easy to grow and recommended for beginners. She will grow up to 120 CM and is easy to control. Even as a pretty small autoflower, she is able to produce big yields in only +-70 days. She will produce, tall and long buds filled with lot’s of trichomes!

#4 White Cheese Automatic

(By Dinafem)


  • Seed company: Dinafem
  • Genetics: 90% indica- 10% sativa
  • Parents: White widow auto X Cheese auto
  • Growing time: 75 days from seed to harvest
  • THC levels: +- 18%
  • Height: 70-120 CM
  • Yields: Avarage

White cheese automatic is a pretty unique combination of genetics. The combination of White widow and Cheese makes it a very populair strain for beginner and experienced growers. White cheese offers a strong effect (Due the high thc levels of White widow) and a very unique taste/smell (Due the terpene profile of Cheese).

This strain get’s fairly tall in autoflowering terms as it can reach up to 120 cm. She can be grown in and outdoors and will be ready to harvest in only 75 days. the yields of this strain are great and you can always count on big, dense nugs filled with sticky white trichomes.

It really is one of our favourite autoflowers because of the authentic, sweet cheese taste and strong potency. Next to that she is perfect for beginners and doesn’t needs as much care as other strains. White cheese automatic is the result of a perfect and professional breeding program.

People who grow this will be truely rewared at harvesting time!

#5 Dubble Kush Cake Automatic

(By Sensi Seeds)

  • Seed company: Sensi Seeds
  • Genetics: 70% Sativa- 10% Indica- 20% Ruderalis
  • Parents: Skunk kush X Afghani #1 X
  • Growing time: 70-75 days from seed to harvest
  • THC levels: +- 18%
  • Height: 70-100 CM
  • Yields: Above avarage

The kush family became essential in the breeding world, especially in the U.S. The most legendary strains these days do have some kush genetics in them. The Dubble Kush Cake strain offers a combo of the best characteristics from all these kush cultivars. The extreme sweet flavour and relaxing indica effect makes this strain a true delight for every smoker.  The breeders of Sensi seeds call this their tribute to the kush dynasty.

The higher percentage of ruderalis in her genetics will ensure that the plants are tough, compact and start flowering automatically. This makes it a good strain for colder environments and beginner growers. DKCA is a strain that has a pretty short flowering time (50-63 days) which makes it possible to harvest 2 times in 1 summer.

Just like most Indica strains, she will grow pretty short and very bushy with a big central cola. The buds are pretty densen compared to other autoflowers and she will produce a thick layer of resin. For an autoflower strain, she produce pretty big yields which is another positive thing.

The 70% indica genetics in this strain can be found back in it’s amazing aroma, taste and effect. Most smokers experience a relaxed, pleasant stoned feeling in combination with the well known indica effect. To really experience the taste, you should cure the buds for a while!

Do you know any awesome autoflower strains? Share them in the comments below!

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