Video: How to transplant your plants to bigger pots

Moving your plants to bigger pots is something every grower has to face eventually. It doesn’t matter if you are growing indoor or outdoor, there will be a moment that your plant or seedling gets too big for it’s current pot. Luckily it isn’t the hardest part of growing and you can do it pretty quickly once you know the trick.


However transplanting a plant could cause quite some stress depending on the way it’s being handled. This stress could result in an unhealthy plant and may cause some growing problems or a decreased yield. This stress is mostly caused by too much movement or damaged roots by the moving soil. The trick is to leave the plant and soil as intact as possible and re-pot it in one quick move.

Why transplanting your cannabis plant?

The most important reason to move your cannabis plant is simply because it needs the bigger amount of soil to grow bigger/better. More and bigger roots means more possibilty to absorb nutrient rich water.  A simple rule that growers use is: ”The bigger the roots are getting under the soil, the bigger your plant will be on the surface”. 

Most growers germinates their seeds in a very small pot or plastic cup. This is to makes it easier to water them and creating a moist surrounding for the seedlings as you can easily put them in a germination box. your plant will outgrow these cups very quickly and you will have to transplant them to a bigger pot if you want it to keep on growing.

So the size of your plant highly depends on the size of the pot/amount of soil. You can test it yourself by growing the same seedling in 2 different pots. However there will always be a maximum depending on the strain and other circumstances could also interfere with growth (like lightning and nutrients). So only a bigger pot doesn’t mean your plant will grow big, you also need to create the right environment.

The guy in the video below will show you how to transplant your cannabis plants properly!


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