What are the best guerilla grow spots?

Sometimes it’s not possible to grow at home or in your own garden. Think about complaining neighbours, parents or the law thats forbids you to grow. In that case there is still an opportunity to grow enough plants for a personal stash. Yes, we are talking about Guerilla growing!

If you are planning a guerilla grow, there are many things you need to think about. In my opinion, guerilla grows are one of the hardest methods to grow. Thats because you don’t have any control about most factors like:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Wildlife that are eating/destroying your plants
  • Thieves
  • Watering
  • Pests

However, once you are able to get some grip on these factors, it’s possible to grow amazing plants with big yields.

The most important aspect of a succesfull guerilla grow is finding the right guerilla grow spot! Finding a good spot can be really hard in certain areas, next to that there is almost never a  “perfect” spot for a guerilla grow. Every spot has it’s own pro’s and cons and it’s up to you to choose the one with the most usefull pro’s.

In this article we will show you what a good guerilla spot needs to offer. M

Accessiblity while being hidden from people

This is an important combination that every guerilla spot needs to have but is quite hard to find. If you want to have some control on your plants you need to carry quite some stuff to your growing spot. Think about pots, soil, nutrients/nutrient mixed water, water, material te keep animals away and more. So make sure that you are able to carry these things to your spot.

Next to that you need to stay away from humans. Think about forest guards or maintenance workers. Track, trash, cigarettes or freshly cut branches can be a sign that people often come there. Another great trick is leaving a dollar on the ground of your growing spot, if people come there it will be gone pretty quickly.

Also check the track and open spaces around your spot and see if you can see your plants from there. If there are no people visiting your spot, it doens’t mean that they can see it from a distance. You could build a barrier using branches and bushes to hide them a little.

Natural, clean water

Watering your plants is an important and sometimes complicated factor for guerilla growers. You can’t always rely on the rain + your water needs the right PH and nutrients. You could bring your own water from home, but if your are growing multiple plants or your plants are not easy accessible, it will take way to much effort.

The solution is finding a pond, river or spring closely to the spot you are planning to grow at. This makes it possible to get an unlimited amount of water to your plants quite easily. However not every water is good enough for cannabis plants. Poluted water or water with wrong PH levels will mess with your plants badly.

So before choosing a spot with acces to water, you will need to do some tests. Get yourself a PH-meter and PPM-meter and check out if the water is suitable to give your plants. If not, look further!

Find out how to measure the PH or PPM levels of your water!

If you want to find suitable water, you should look for clear and streaming water without any boats on them. The more natural the better! Water that is calm and doesn’t move around much, often is full of bacteria & algaes and contains wrong PH/PPM levels. Water thats is un-clear and used by boats will contain many bad minerals, metals and other toxics that you don’t want to use for your plants.

Enough sunlight

Finding a place with enough sunlight might sounds pretty easy. However once you go out and look for such a spot, you will notice how hard it can actually be. This has a few reasons:

A spot that is properly hidden from the public oftens will be surrounded by bushes/trees and other things (to keep them hidden). Sadly this often leads to the plants being in shadow most time of the day. So make sure the sunlight is still able to reach your plants, even when they are hidden. So try to find a open place free from tree’s but keep in mind that you stay out of sight for other people, so that open place should still be surround by bushes/trees. This might be tricky sometimes.

Another reason that this often happens is because the world turns and the sunlight shines on a different spot every hour or so. Sometimes it occurs that you think you have a great spot with enough sunlight, only to find it is fully shaded after a few hours. Make sure to take a look at your spot on multiple timeframes. A groot tool to help you finding a place with enough sunlight is “Google earth”.

Unwanted animals

When you are growing outside (especially in forest areas), you will always have to deal with some unwanted visitors. Thats nature! However you are able to avoid them from reaching your plants by using materials (fences), pesticides or other natural methods. Before you start growing somewhere, make sure what kind of animals do live in that area.

Bugs and insects

Bugs and insects are almost impossible to keep away from your plants. No fence or anything else will hold them back. Next to that every type of insect behaves differently and should be treated differently which makes it even harder to protect your plants against them. Luckily, there are methods that you can use to get rid of them but you need to know what kind of insect you are dealing with. To do this, you need closely watch your plants as often as possible.

Once you you have identified the insect, pay a visit to our “Ultimate pest guide for cannabis growers”. Here we have listed the most common pests that can be found on cannabis plants and tell you how to recognize and succesfully treat them.

Other animals

Not only insects could be a danger for your plants. Sometimes, animals like Rabbits, Deers, foxes and moles can be devastating for your plants as they love to eat them. Cannabis leaves contain a sweet substance called: Glucose which is the thing that all these animals are after. Thats why your plants could be gone in just 1 night once discovered by them.

Most forest areas will have these creatures living in them and you should take some precautions. By installing some chickin wire around (and underneath), your plants you could avoid most animals to reach them. Next to that you could use some fox urine extract (available in gardening stores/the web) and spray it around your growing area. This will definitly keep them away!

Try to be creative when it comes to animals. Every animal has it’s own tactiques and could reach them in a different way and it’s up to you to protect your plants from them!

Examples of guerilla spots:

Corn field

Some growers reach out to cornfields to plant some cannabis in between the corn. This option has it’s up and downsides: While your plants are hidden perfectly in the middle of a field, they stand out for a helicopter that is flying above them. Next to that you need to think about what time the farmers will harvest their corn which happens at the end of the summer around september.

Forest edge

Forests are great places to start a guerilla grow. It won’t attract many visitors and your plants will blend in easily with the environment. The biggest problem you have to deal with is  providng your plants with enough sunlight. Especially in the summer when the trees have grown big canopies. Thats why you should find an edge of the forest that is exposed to as much as sunlight as possible.

*tip: Try using google earth to find decent forrest edges that are facing the south (side that get’s most sunlight).

Example of a forest edge

Bushy fields

Sometimes you will find a big open field that is filled with many compact bushes and high grasses. These fields can be perfect growing areas as they are hard to acces, camouflage your plants greatly and will provide you with all sunlight you need. However, the fact that humans hardly will enter these kind of fields means that animals will do. So take your precautions when growing here!

Example af a forrest field growing spot

Got any more tips on finding the perfect guerilla location? Leave them in a comment below!

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