What determines the clarity of rosin?

Cannabis extracts have become very populair and well known in the cannabis world. Especially rosin is a favourite of many consumers because it’s fairly easy to make without any solvents. Rosin presses can be bought online pretty cheap and everyone makes their own these days. Because of this, there is many variety in quality and appearance.

Despite the fact that everybody has it’s own preferences when it comes to these characteristics, the clearity of rosin is a huge factor. In general, people want the clear, light, see-through kind of rosin and avoid the darkish stuff. But what determines the clarity of rosin?

There are a few factors that could influence the colour and clarity of your rosin. In this article we will talk about the most important ones:

The quality of your pressing material

The first step of pressing tasty clear rosin is finding good quality flower material. Not only¬† to improve clarity, but also the taste, effect and smell. “Bad” cannabis contains lots of Chlorophyl and not many terpenes which makes it taste horrible. Next to that it won’t contain much trichomes or cannabinoids and will leave a lot of plant material in your rosin. These are things that determines the quality and colour of your rosin.

Good flower material for rosin consists out of lots of trichomes/terpenes and cannabinoids. So frosty buds, a great taste and smell will put you on th right track. A rule that most extractors use is: Put gold in, get gold out. So “low quality” cannabis will never give you good quality rosin. On the other side: “high quality” cannabis (or gold) will increase the chance of getting tasty, clear and beautifull rosin.

The trichome stage of your pressing material

What we mean with “trichome stage” is the state that the trichomes are in at the moment of harvest. Trichomes evolve every day once they appear on your plant. At the beginning they are very clear and “empty” (containing no cannabinoids). Later on they start producing cannabinoids and terpenes which also change their appearance as they slowly turn white. If you wait even longer, these cannabinoid filled trichomes will turn amber/brownish because the cannabinoids in them are converting into other cannabinoids. (For example: THC will eventually turn into CBN)

More about the different stages of trichomes and what they mean!

But what does this have to do with the clearity of rosin?

Well, the trichomes on your pressing material contains most of the stuff that rosin consist of (think about terpenes and THC). So the state/appearance of these trichomes are very important when it comes to the clarity and potency of rosin. If you harvest to early, the trichomes will be clear and so will be your rosin. However they won’t contain much cannabinoids yet which means it won’t result in a strong effect.

Here you can see the milky white trichomes that are filled with THC. Some of them are still clear which means they are “empty”. If you wait a little longer, you will see some trichomes turning brown/amber which means that the THC is turning into CBN. Choose your harvest time wisely!

On the other hand, If you wait too long the trichomes will turn into amber. When pressing these amber trichomes you will obviously get darker coloured rosin + a different effect because most of the THC already turned into CBN. You should try to avoid this!

The trick is to balance these aspects properly: Make sure the trichomes are milky white while containing enough cannabinoids at the same time. This way, your rosin will be clear and potent. Timing of your harvest is essential!

Did you know: Even after you have harvest and dried your flower material, the trichomes are still able to evolve. Thats why older material will often turn into dark rosin (even if the same flower material turned out very clear when it was fresh). Thats why you should always press fresh flower if you appreciete clarity.

The pressing temperature

The temperature is another important aspect of pressing rosin as it could determine the amount, clarity and quality of your rosin. Let me explain:

Amount of rosin: If the temperature rises, you will notice that you will get a little more rosin out of your press. This is because your pressing material is heating up faster and releas their oils quicker. However this is not always positive as other aspects of your rosin decreases, read on!

Quality of rosin: Once you heat up your pressing material too fast, it will get soft and soggy before the oils come out which results in a lot of plant material in your rosin. This will decrease the taste. Next to that you will burn/evaporate more terpenes and cannabinoids once the temp get’s higher so you will lose potency and taste!

Clarity: Once your increase the temperature of your press, the clarity will go down. This is because a higher temperature, will heat up your flowering material faster. Before the oil gets pressed out, your flower material is already hot, soggy and falling appart. So once the oils flows out it will take multiple impurities with it resulting in darker/un-clear rosin.

Using rosin press bags

If you have already inform yourself about pressing rosin, you probably have see them before: Rosin press bags. These bags are some kind of filter that you can fill with your flower material before pressing your rosin. The bags are able to withstand heat and the rosin will flow through the tiny holes when pressed. This will filter any plant material out of the rosin making it more pure and clear.

Rosin press bags come in different sizes and microns (which is the size of the filter holes). So make sure you get the right ones for the type of flower material you want to press. To help you, we have written down a little indiction on what microns size you have to look for:

Microns bags that are good to use for hash, kief, dry-sift-bubble hash:

  • 37 Micron: Highest level filtration (smallest filter holes), smaller yields but highest quality rosin.
  • 72 Micron: Lower level filtration, Bigger yields then 36 Micron but a little lower quality

Micron bags that are good to use for Flower, trim and shake:

  • 90 Micron: Highest level of filtration for flower, Lower yields but high quality rosin
  • 115 Micron: Lower level filtration for flower, Bigger yields but slightly lower quaity

There are also many other sizes, but this give you and idea what too look at when pressing hasj, flower or trim. When used properly, these kind of bags will definitely improve the quality and clarity of your rosin.

Our #1 recommendation when it comes to filter bags:

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Do you know any other methods to improve the clarity (or quality) of rosin? Help a fellow presser and share them in the comments below!

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